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Put back pain behind you.

5 reasons you need Meshed in your life

Stylish and precision engineered, Meshed gives you a customisable, expert massage in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 

  • At-home massage that's connected to your phone

  • Sleek, foldable device created by world-class engineers featuring 3D axis motion and interchangeable heads (for the closest thing to a real massage)

  • Expert preset massage routines designed with the London School of Massage

  • Or drive yourself with fully-controllable and customisable

  • Did we mention it's voice-controlled, too? Oh yeah.

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Designed in collaboration with the London School of Massage, fit a much needed massage around your busy life with Meshed.


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Connected and convenient, Meshed delivers high-tech personal​ massage through hardware and software.

Sleek design, our foldable device uses 3D axis motion, adjustable depth, pressure and shape, with interchangeable 5-head rods.


Controlled from the palm of your hand in an intuitive and interactive mobile phone app, controlled either by the swipe of a finger or simply by your voice as you sit back and relax.

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Find yourself doing any of these?

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Twisting and stretching and rubbing for some relief of achey bones and sore muscles.


Don't wait three weeks for your pre-booked massage appointment, simply open up your Meshed device at home for on-demand massage whenever you like.

Be the first to hear about our crowdfunding campaign and get early rewards

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Back us to back you.

As a startup we need your support to get this time (and back) saving device into production, and as a thank you for backing us early, we are offering Super Early Bird discounts.


Pre-register (no obligation) to hear the moment the Kickstarter opens in September, and to be kept up to date with all our progress as we work towards fixing the nation's work-from-home-hunch!


Better than a massage

At home and on demand, Meshed combines high tech product development and smartphone connectivity so you can control your massage from the palm of your hand. 
And then get right on with your day - no oil residue, no small talk, no travelling!

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