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Put back pain behind you.

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What makes us different


With our bespoke software and hardware, as well as our partnership with the London School of Massage, Meshed can perfectly reproduce the movements of the world's best massage therapists, in your home, on demand.


Our adaptive chassis is designed to fit you and your lifestyle. Whether you want to be sat with a good book or lying down, Meshed is design to find that perfect position. Did we mention it can also fold away...? Nice.   


Meshed is also linked to our app, giving you unprecedented control over your massage. Allowing you to build and edit your own custom sessions as well as direct remote control of the massage heads, if you just need to get to that spot.

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Freedom to not have to
think about your back.

Connected and convenient, Meshed delivers high-tech personal​ massage through hardware and software.

Controlled from the palm of your hand in an intuitive and interactive mobile phone app - either by the swipe of a finger or simply by your voice as you sit back and relax.

With our partnership with the London School of Massage, a key detail we wanted to replicate was the conversation between client and therapist as it is key to designing the best end experience. 

A bespoke massage

When selecting a new massage the user will be 

asked a range of questions, from what type to how

intense of a session they want.

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AMQ 2.jpg

What this does is give you a custom experience unlike anything else on the market.

The more sessions you do the more the app 

can do for you, building massages from data of your previous sessions.

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At the end of each massage a wave form is generated giving you a visual representation of your massage.

You can export them into your favourites list, as well as give them custom names making them easier to find for your next massage.

Massage preview updated.jpg
Massage preview updated.jpg

Massage editor

For the more experienced user we have also given you the ability to edit your massage down to the second.


Do you want your session to start at your lower back? Go for it. Need more pressure on your right shoulder? You got it.


It's infinitely configurable to your needs.   

Control it your way

To give you the most comprehensive personalised sessions, we have given you a range of massage tools for the best user experience, from simply adjusting the pressure here or there through to taking full control of the massaging heads yourself. You have complete access in the palm of your hand.

Automated massage


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Adaptive design

Meshed Lying Sitting.jpg

We understand everyone is unique, therefore we needed a design that could change to fit your needs. Sat upright, or lying down, Meshed is flexible enough to find that position that is just right for you. 

Fold it away

We know that today more than ever space is at a premium, and dedicating an area in your home for one task is a major decision. But Meshed is all about reducing stress, so we designed our device to be easily folded away for storage - that's one less stressful decision you have to make!

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Back us so we can help you


We're a startup so we need your support to get this time (and back) saving device into production, and as a thank you for backing us early, we are offering Super Early Bird discounts.


Pre-register to hear the moment the Kickstarter opens, and to be kept up to date with all our progress as we work towards fixing the nation's work-from-home-hunch!

Colour ways

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A bit about us

The Meshed team is built up of engineers and designers with a diverse background of product research and development. We have designed a combined total of over 75 products over the past 20 years. With anything from ion thrusters and blood analyzers, to furniture collections and medical cases, our combined portfolio is a story in and of its own.


However - despite our broad background and our previous projects - we all agree that the work we have done for Meshed has a certain kind of magic around it. The Meshed team is certain that we are creating something that will truly help others as well as bringing much needed innovation to a market that has been stagnant for years.   

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